from by All Roads To Rome



We cling to the feather
But care not for the bird
We find comfort in our ignorance
That aids us in our decadence
Only because we're afraid

We are all searching for a savior
But only to console
Our fear of the unknown
Gripping the throats of our brothers
Too set in our ways
To see we're all to blame

This foreign entity
Brings us prosperity
And new eyes for us to see
A knowledge beyond our reach
But all too consumed with greed
And worthless commodities
We forsake our abilities
And voraciously feed until the earth depletes

In this frozen empire
We cast ourselves into the fire

We are fueling a war
Over broken translations
Repeating the cycle
That shadows the truth of creation

Taking all that we can gain
Claiming the tide for a single grain
We seal shut this open door
And leave no room for the rest of the shore
More, more, more, more...
And still we wonder why we are forsaken
Left to roam with no direction

Oh, show me the way
The road to sanctuary
Bestow upon me release
Oh, show me the way
So that we may find peace

Salvation comes not from the skies
But from the key we all hold inside
We must mend the bones
Broken by our selfish crimes
Redemption lies not in paid tithes
But between ourselves and our makers eyes
We must cast ourselves aside
Cast yourself aside


from Synergy, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


All Roads To Rome Houston, Texas

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